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We protect and empower conscientious families through tried and tested financial planning and risk management strategies – in a way you can actually understand! We pride ourselves on building a super friendly, accessible practice while striving to demonstrate sustainability in all that we do.

Choose to work with Ryan Colwell, and you’re choosing a strategic approach to getting to your goals, not trend-chasing. We design your portfolio based on your priorities and manage it, hands on to optimize your investment.


We are not exclusive to any bank or fund so we come with no-strings-attached.


We make your financial goals a personal priority. We get to know you, learn what makes you tick, uncover your dreams, and help you sketch a plan that makes them a reality.


We are backed by a formidable investment management team at IPC. We understand the markets and leverage the changes that make the most impact for you.


We tailor plans to suit your stage-of-life, plans and milestones.


We follow the Personal Wealth Management Strategy, a disciplined process designed to help us plan and keep your plans on track.


We believe in financial plans that work for you. Getting you to your dreams is the stuff that makes us excited!


Meet the team

Ryan Colwell, BA, CFP®, RHU

Financial Advisor

Darlene Colwell

Licensed Assistant

Why should you choose us?

Pull up a chair, and let us tell you our story.

The Cost of Advice

Understanding the different fee models and what each gets you is the start of any good planning exercise.
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Ryan Colwell, IPC Investment Corporation received the NEI Investments Award for Socially Responsible/Impact Investing:

The Fundamentals of Socially Responsibility Investing

This is a great video that goes though the fundamentals of socially responsibility investing (SRI) – a key aspect of our investment philosophy. - Reposted with permission from Ocean Rock Investments.
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Ryan is a proud member of:


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5 July, 2018

NEI and Ocean Rock is merging June 20, 2018

In December Desjardins, the provincial credit union central, and CUMIs announced that the merger of their subsidiaries including NEI and Ocean Rock (Ethical Funds an
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19 June, 2018

Intelligent Investor: Retirement Income Planning

The truth is, more Canadians are retiring, and with changes in pension structures and uncertain market conditions, the landscape you need to navigate to have the ret
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1 June, 2018


TOP CLIENT EVENT Our annual client event held the afternoon of November 21, 2015 got everyone into the holiday spirit.
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